Benefits of a PPA


aking it a priority for your organization to be more energy efficient has long lasting financial and environmental effects. If you are interested in learning more about what a PPA is, what the benefits are, and how a PPA with Pacific Power Renewables (PPR) will benefit your organization, please refer to the information below.  A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, is an agreement between PPR and your organization where we provide clean, sustainable solar energy solutions.

  • Host customers are able to capture the benefits of installing solar power without the upfront capital expense
  • Customers benefit from the public relations of using a clean renewable energy
  • The PPA provides predetermined electricity rates for the term of the contract, typically 20 years
  • PPR takes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the system and offers time of use monitoring and dual metering, thus maximizing the life and efficiency of the system
  • Customers have the option to purchase the system at fair market value after a set period of time
  • The installation of the solar PV system supports the renewable energy industry and local employment force while providing the customer with a possible path to meet green policy objectives

Every PPR solar power system includes our exclusive O& M services and SolarWatch® monitoring service to ensure you are maximizing your solar production and energy savings. PPR owns the equipment and handles repairs, so if issues arise, our service crews will get your system back online with minimal disruption.

Contact us today for a free solar assessment and more information about our PPA financing.