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PPR is Powering Your Future

By Supplying Your Solar Power Directly

Under our power purcahse agreement, we finance, install, own, maintain, and operate a solar power plant with no up-front cost to your company. The solar electricity will be provided to your facility at a discount.   At the end of the agreement, you can purchase the system or continue to buy solar electricity for a fraction of its value, thus reducing your expenditures and maximizing your bottom line for years to come.

Client partners who buy their solar power from PPR benefit from:

  • Predictable energy pricing – equal to or below retail rates.
  • All the public relations benefits of being a PPR client partner.
  • Having the option to purchase the system at a low price in 10 years, potentially driving your electricity costs to zero.
  • PPR’s proprietary equipment installed on your roof (we “lease” your roof)
  • Continuity with your existing electric service – we supply the solar energy but you stay on your electric company’s power grid.
  • Buy Renewable Energy Credits.

Pacific Power Renewables PRIDES itself on giving you the greatest income per installed watt because of our increased production and expertise.

With no investment required and no financial risk, our Power Purchase Agreement Program is your solar solution of choice!