Power Purchase Agreement

With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we basically “lease your roof.” You pay only for the electricity you use, with no upfront costs. After a set time (typically 20 years), you can purchase the system at fair market value.

We make “Going Solar” affordable for any business

Our team of experts will identify, finance and carry out the solar installation for your business—and we pay for the initial cost of the solar electric system. After helping you determine the most productive energy-savings solar system, We work with local suppliers to purchase and coordinate installation. We form a partnership in the system.

Immediate Benefits

With our PPA program, your business can be an environmental leader while maintaining a positive cash flow.

  • Invest with little or no risk in solar energy technology and new equipment
  • Grow your bottom line through energy cost savings
  • Make capital available to invest in other areas of your business
  • Reduce your environmental impact through decreased emissions and non-renewable resource conservation

If you’re looking for ways to improve operations or beginning to plan for a new building, include us in your decisions today.

Our power purchase agreement guarantees your rates will always be lower than your current utility provider.

Marketing Support
No matter which option you choose, PPR provides a customized communication strategy to promote your Solar System to the public. We will promote your choice to “go solar”. As part of our partnership, we develop a marketing campaign. We will also host a ceremony where the press and guests are invited to view the new system.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
Also known as Green Tags, Renewable Energy Credits, or Tradable Renewable Certificates, RECs are the property rights to the environmental benefits from generating electricity from solar and other renewable energy sources. RECs incentivize carbon-neutral renewable energy by providing a subsidy to electricity generated from renewable sources.

REC providers are credited with one REC for every MWh of electricity they produce. The green energy is then fed into the electrical grid (by mandate), and the accompanying REC can then be sold on the open market. We monitor the solar plants and provide California’s utility company with the data to certify the RECs of each plant.

Our partners will be able to purchase these RECs at a significant discount, helping your company offset growth while being in compliance with Assembly Bill 32 (The Global Warming Act of 2006).