Specialists in Solar System Design, Equipment and Software Pacific Power Renewables Inc. (PPR) stands with confidence behind our systems and service as your full-service commercial solar provider. PPR will size and design a solar electric system tailored specifically to your facility.

Proprietary aluminum racking systems

Our custom-made framework forms the foundation of your solar panel array.

We install each solar array using our custom framework all-aluminum mounting system. Our proprietary materials and construction techniques ensure that your framework will last as long as your solar modules –- 25 years or more.

Fastest in the industry. Our professional production team completes construction efficiently, with minimal disruption to your core business.

Tilt and spacing. With a specified tilt and optimal spacing between rows, each mounting system is configured to help maximize electricity production.

Our proprietary design minimizes the effects of any shading, features a unique wiring configuration, and ensures minimal impact on the roof while guaranteeing the security of the array.

Seams are welded together and bolted for increased longevity.

The finest racks deserve the finest solar modules

PPR uses the most efficient photovoltaic (PV) modules which are state of the art and are backed by long-term warranties and strong product support. For power conditioning equipment we choose only the PV industry leaders, producing top quality, reliable and guaranteed inverters.