Routine inspections shall include:


  • Visual inspection of inverter clearance, cleanliness and any moisture damage
  • Clean all interior and exterior components of dust build up
  • Clean filters
  • Inspect all electrical and mechanical connections for tightness
  • Inspect terminal blocks for evidence of overheating
  • Inspect all wiring, leads and cables for cuts, abrasions and signs of deterioration or overheating
  • Record heat readings
  • Inspect fuses and replace when necessary


  • Visual inspection for cleanliness and moisture damage
  • Inspect all connections for tightness
  • Record heat readings
  • Inspect fuses and replace when necessary
  • Open circuit voltage testing
  • DC operation current testing


  • Meter verification of 15 Minute kWh
  • Meter verification of instantaneous kW
  • Inspect camera for cleanliness and functionality (when applicable)


  • Visual inspection for cleanliness
  • Inspect panel for physical damage or moisture damage
  • Inspect cell condition
  • Record average cell temperature


  • Inspect hardware (screws, bolts, lugs, etc.) for tightness, damage and overall condition


  • Inspect inverter pad cleanliness and condition
  • Check for obstructions that may cause shading to system
  • Inspect roof for moisture damage, penetrations, racking weight impact damage, rubber condition, hold downs (when applicable)
  • Inspect site for drainage issues (when applicable)


  • Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. shall be responsible for operation and maintenance of the system for the life of the PPA. Maintenance shall include corrective action for any anomalies identified during routine inspections and performance testing. Preventative and corrective maintenance shall include, but is not limited to, repair or replacement of all system components, system troubleshooting and resets as needed, and any other actions required to maintain system’s optimal performance.


  • In order to maintain maximum efficiency, modules shall be cleaned bi-annually. Cleaning the panels of dust, pollen and debris will improve the system performance, allowing more sunlight to penetrate through the glass. At the time of panel washing service a visual inspection of the entire system is performed. If there are any items that need to be addressed, they will be handled according to their severity. If there is an item that is affecting system performance, a technician will be dispatched to the site to correct the issue immediately

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