How Solar Works

Here’s how our Solar Systems work:

  • A photovoltaic (solar electric) system produces electricity using sunlight as fuel.
  • Your building stays connected to the electric utility grid so that utility-generated electric power is still available to you. However, your building will be generating its own electricity, thus reducing or even eliminating the amount of electricity you draw/purchase from the grid.
  • When your building needs more power than your solar system supplies, that electricity will come from the utility grid.
  • A “net-metering” agreement requires your utility company to import any excess electricity generated by your system and credit your account at the same rate they would have charged you to purchase electricity from them at that time of day.
  • You are only billed for the net electricity that you use. With “net metering” you bank your solar-generated power. When you produce more than you use, you send the excess back to the grid at the full retail daytime rate, then “buy it back” later at a much lower rate.
  • Your new electric utility bill will show a balance that can be paid or carried forward until the end of the year. At that time, if you’ve used more electricity than you’ve generated, the corresponding fee is due. Since the passage of AB 920, if you’ve generated more electricity than you’ve used you will be paid for the difference. This applies to those who own the solar system.
  • We size your solar system so that you are unlikely to generate more electricity than you use. Our goal is to get you to “net zero.”

Solar Savings opportunity – STEPS TO SOLAR SUCCESS

Your Business Goals

It is important that we learn about your facility and operations, your near and long term expansion plans, and your energy efficiency and your electricity consumption. We review your utility bills to assess electricity usage, taking into consideration rate plans, time of use, and any available alternate rate plan options. A simple form allows us to contact your utility provider and collect your utility bills to provide a financial assessment.

Site Assessment

We assess available space, age and condition of the roof including shading and mechanical obstructions, and access to the utility equipment.

Energy Savings Analysis

Based on the above information, we present you a customized solar system proposal demonstrating your potential cost savings, a facility description summary, and the expected solar output of the system.

Letter of Intent

Upon approval of the proposed solar system and signature of a cooperation intention (LOI), we proceed with detailed engineering and design study.

Detailed System Design

Our experienced engineers design a unique system customized for your facility, including the placement and layout of the PV system, most suitable technology for the available space and location, and detailed electrical diagrams.

Purchase or Power Purchase Agreements

We work with you to complete the financial contract, the Lease/Purchase or Power Purchase Agreements, providing you with a sustainable and reduced-cost electric supply. To find out more about our PPA program contact us today.

Project Management

We secure all required building, inspection, and construction permits. We oversee all aspects of the equipment supply and the installation, managing the project to ensure a timely, well-executed delivery with strict minimal impact on your day-to-day business.


After construction and before interconnection, we implement SolarWatch—our web-based monitoring system. SolarWatch ensures that you benefit from optimal performance. We perform regularly scheduled maintenance and incidental repairs for the lifetime of the agreement included in our agreement.


You will receive monthly billing statements only for the energy the system produces.


We will promote your choice to “go solar”. As part of our partnership, we develop a marketing campaign. We will also host a ceremony where the press and guests are invited to view the new system.