David Dwelle

David Dwelle

David grew up in a family that has deep roots in California’s oil industry. The family’s legacy started with his grandfather, Walter Allen, founder of Beacon Oil Company, and followed by his father Thomas W. Dwelle. In 1979, after he sold his stereo business, David teamed up with his three brothers and purchased seven gasoline stations in the Sacramento vicinity. They formed a company and named it Nella Oil in tribute to their grandfather (Allen spelled backwards) and David assumed the responsibility of the General Manager. Nella which was later renamed to Flyers Energy was one of the three fastest growing oil companies and the largest independent oil company in greater Sacramento.  It has quickly grown to have over 200 operations in California and Nevada. It franchises the Flyers fuel brand and distributes wholesale and retail fuel, commercial lubricants, and renewable fuels in the United States. Flyers Energy is the largest member of the Commercial Fueling Network in the US, and is also the marketer for more than 100 Chevron, Shell, Valero, and 76 stations.

Making electricity from sunshine has long captured David’s imagination.  In 2002, David formed Pacific Power Management, a company that focuses on renewable energy, efficiency and conservation measures. In the next few years, the company installed solar electric systems on Nella/Flyers service stations throughout Northern California, as well as retrofitting these facilities with energy-efficient lighting and energy-saving “Cool Roof” systems.

In 2010, David renamed the company to Pacific Power Renewables, a solar power (PV) utility company that develops, builds, finances, owns and operates solar power plants. The company also markets renewable electricity at competitive rates to customers in North America and emerging markets worldwide.

As a part time Maui resident, David has recently built a 568kW BioReal solar power plant in Kihei, the largest solar tracking power system in Maui.