Auburn Honda

Auburn Honda

Pacific Power Management, LLC, announced today that they have completed the design and installation of a 198 kilowatt solar electric system for Auburn Honda.

The solar electric system designed and installed by Pacific Power Management, will generate electricity to power the dealership headquarters in Auburn. “In the automotive business, energy conservation is a key interest, from the manufacturer to the consumer,” said Jay Cooper, president and owner of Auburn Honda. “Exploring solar power made sense economically and environmentally to our business and to the customers in our community. It’s the right thing to do.”

When the solar array generates more electricity than Auburn Honda needs, it exports the electricity back to the electrical grid, causing Auburn Honda’s electric meter to run backwards. Auburn Honda uses approximately 565,680 kilowatt hours annually to operate their office buildings. The new solar array will generate enough electricity to cover almost all of Auburn Hondas electrical needs and leave them with a minimal power bill.

Today, Pacific Gas and Electric Company awarded a $577,845 solar rebate to for a 198-kilowatt solar-electric system at the car dealership’s Auburn facility. The 1,397 SHARP photovoltaic panels will generate enough clean renewable energy per year to power the equivalent of approximately 50 homes.

“We applaud Jay Cooper and Auburn Honda for their vision and wisdom to better manage their energy costs while also helping the environment,” said Darrell Johnson, PG&E’s service and sales supervisor in the Auburn area. “Advancing solar is consistent with our customers’ energy vision and our goals of encouraging the development of clean and renewable power.”

Customer Testimonial:

Pacific Power Management made it easy; they showed me the possible systems and forecasted the amount of power I could generate. Along with the information on costs and tax credits, it was easy to predict my monthly energy expenses. In fact I have decreased my monthly expenses by an average $3,000.00. This includes the cost of the system. I will have it paid off in 10 years and have virtually no energy costs.”“Pacific Power Management is truly a one stop shop! They bid the job, provided all county permits, installed the system, coordinated with PG&E, and even introduced me to a lending source that was able to sell some of the tax credits provided by the State and Federal governments and buy down my loan. It really is a no brainer especially living where the sun shines so much.
—Jay Cooper, President and Owner

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