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    Power Purchase Agreement

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is an agreement between PPR and your business where we provide clean, sustainable solar energy solutions.

    We make “Going Solar” affordable for any business

    Our team of experts will identify, finance and carry out the solar installation for your business—and we pay for the initial cost of the solar electric system. After helping you determine the most productive energy-savings solar system, We work with local suppliers to purchase and coordinate installation. We remain responsible for the ownership and installation of the solar power equipment so the cost of implementing these solutions with PPR is minimal.

    Immediate Benefits of a PPA

    With our PPA program, your business can be an environmental leader while maintaining a positive cash flow.Invest with little or no risk in solar energy technology and new equipment.

    • Grow your bottom line through energy cost savings.
    • Make capital available to invest in other areas of your business.
    • Reduce your environmental impact through decreased emissions and non-renewable resource conservation.
    • Every PPR solar power system includes our exclusive O& M services and SolarWatch® monitoring service to ensure you are maximizing your solar production and energy savings.
    • PPR owns the equipment and handles repairs, so if issues arise, our service crews will get your system back online with minimal disruption.

    If you’re looking for ways to save money on power costs, then we can help.

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    A proprietary web-based monitoring system, SolarWatch™ is customized to every solar system we install. This program allows the client and PPR to monitor power production from the system in a useful way and is accessible from any internet link. This allows clients to witness the generation of clean, renewable solar energy and measures actual solar power production while instantly viewing the cost savings and real-time performance.

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    Asset Management

    PPR has a proven track record in asset management, and we currently manage approximately 15 MW of solar projects, ranging in size from 22 kW systems to 1.5 MW projects. To ensure these assets deliver their expected returns, we have assembled an experienced team and proprietary software to monitor and monetize solar production efficiently and effectively.
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    O& M

    A PPR qualified technician shall perform routine inspections on a bi-annual basis throughout the term of the PPA. Preventative maintenance, inspections and system testing will be scheduled as to not interfere with customer’s on-going operations and to optimize system performance.

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