Cemo Properties

The solar electric system, designed and installed by Pacific Power Management, is expected to generate more than 466,000 kilowatt hours annually, enough to power approximately 70 average homes. The system will generate electricity to power the commercial developer’s headquarters. When the solar array generates more electricity than Cemos needs it exports the electricity back to the electrical grid, causing Cemo’s electric meter to run backwards. Cemo Commercial uses approximately 1.7 million kilowatt hours annually to operate their office buildings. Based on annual average figures, the new solar array will generate enough electricity to reduce Cemo’s electric bills by approximately $7,000 per month.

Customer Testimonial

“This investment makes sense both from a business standpoint and an environmental one,” said Sammy Cemo, owner of Cemo Commercial. “Not only will I save money on my electricity bill, I’ll be doing it in a way that means our communities can breathe a little easier and continue to enjoy California. PPM was very helpful in putting together the financing to purchase and install our solar system”.

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