Constellation Wines – Gonzales Winery

Pacific Power Management is proud to announce Monterey County’s largest solar plant developed for a winery is now generating electricity. Gonzales Winery is owned by Constellation Wines U.S. (CWUS), the world’s largest winery, and as of July 15, 2009, is running at 100%.

The 1-megawatt solar electricity plant generates over 1,700,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year providing much of the winery’s total energy requirements. Constellation Wines is a leader in the wine industry has plans to host solar energy plants in many of their multiple locations by 2011.

The Gonzales system is generating 1,176,230 watts of DC power and delivering 1,000,040 watts of AC power to the grid. This solar plant project includes a total of 6,358 185-watt solar panels manufactured by Mitsubishi.

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