PPM Installs Solar at Port of West Sacramento

PPM Installs Solar at Port of West Sacramento

West Sacramento, CA March 12, 2010 – The Port of West Sacramento today unveiled a newly installed solar power system that will provide all of its electricity needs over the next 25 years.

Installed at no cost to the Port by Pacific Power Management (PPM) of Auburn, CA the 637‐kilowatt system will reduce the Port’s energy costs by more than $20,000 annually. The system includes 3,536 solar panels covering 90,000 square feet on the rooftops of two rice warehouse buildings.

Providing enough electricity to power 89 homes for one year, the solar system also will reduce the Port’s carbon footprint by eliminating more than 34‐million pounds of carbon‐dioxide emissions over 25 years.

“This is another important step in our move toward operating the Port in an environmentally responsible way. With the annual cost savings, it also makes good business sense,” said Mike McGowan, chairman of the Sacramento‐Yolo Port District Commission.

With the Port installation, PPM is now the largest supplier of solar power in Yolo County. It also has installed systems at the California Fuel Cell Partnership in West Sacramento, University Honda in Davis, Mid‐Pacific Industries in Woodland, and multiple gas stations owned by Nella Oil Company.
“We’re excited to add the Port of West Sacramento to our growing portfolio of high quality solar energy projects,” said Kelly McMahon, PPM’s vice president of Business Development. “All of our systems are lowering energy costs for our customers. Every PPM power purchase agreement to date is proof that our customers can have the economic and environmental benefits of green energy without the capital investment.”

In addition to improving the energy efficiency of its own operations, the Port is playing an increasingly important role as an importer of components for other Northern California clean‐power projects, such as equipment for wind‐energy facilities.

Using a recently announced $30 million federal stimulus grant, the Port also is moving forward with plans to implement a “marine highway” container barge system in cooperation with the Port of Oakland and Port of Stockton. The new system will help to ease congestion on Bay Area and Northern California highways, and reduce harmful air emissions.

“In addition to all of the other steps we’re taking to improve our environmental performance, this new solar installation clearly demonstrates that we’re serious about our intent to become one of the greenest ports in the country,” said Mike Luken, Port of West Sacramento Manager.

Installation Size: 637 kW


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