Single Axis Tracker for Sunset Moulding

Single Axis Tracker for Sunset Moulding

PPM financed, constructed, owns and operates the new solar power facility, which covers over 3 acres of land at the Chico plant. Sunset Moulding has agreed to purchase the solar electricity through a long term power purchase agreement (PPA). The system will produce over 1 million kWh of energy annually and more than 21 million kWh over the next 20 years.

The state-of-the-art system is made up of over 2,700 modules and one 500kW inverter. PPM’s proprietary monitoring system, SolarWatch will monitor the performance of the power plant.

“We’re excited to add Sunset Moulding to our growing portfolio of solar energy projects,” said Kelly McMahon, PPM’s Vice President of Business Development. “All of our systems are lowering energy costs for our customers. Our PPA program is proof that our customers can have the economic and environmental benefits of green energy without the capital investment.”

With rapidly rising energy costs, the solar installation will provide predictable energy costs for Sunset Moulding, helping to reduce their costs for the manufacturing of quality wood products. This system will help reduce Sunset Moulding’s carbon footprint by displacing Carbon Dioxide emissions from 2,148,875 gallons of gasoline consumed during the guaranteed life of the solar system.

  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
  • FHWA – Federal Highway Administration

Customer Testimonial

“It’s the perfect combination for a business It’s the right thing for a business to do, but a business has to balance the right thing with making a profit.” — Sunset President and CEO John Morrison

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