Van De Pol

The 924 module solar electric system, designed and installed by Pacific Power Management, and is expected to generate 132 kW. The system will generate electricity to power the petroleum distributor’s central valley headquarters. When the solar array generates more electricity than Van de Pol needs, it exports the electricity back to the grid, causing Van de Pol’s meter to run backward. Van de Pol uses approximately 240,000 kilowatts annually to operate their office buildings. Based on annual figures, the new system will generate enough electricity to reduce Van de Pol’s electric bills completely, an average of $3,900 per month.

In addition to being cost-effective, the solar panels at Van de Pol Petroleum’s office building also help the environment, a goal shared by both PG&E and Pacific Power Management. This solar system has the potential to offset approximately 2,325 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 25 years. That’s equivalent to taking 323 cars off the road for the same period of time.
Pacific Power Management believes that each customer has different needs and sets of challenges. “Every solar system we design and install is customized to the needs of our customer. Our project management follows a rigorous process: assessment, design, engineering, financing, installation, promotion and maintenance” states Mark Frederick, principal of Pacific Power Management.

Customer Testimonial

“As a local energy provider, we felt it was important to conserve our natural resources and use alternative, renewable sources of power where possible”, said president Ron Van De Pol. “Also, it made sense from a business standpoint. Our electricity bill is estimated to be 80-90% lower on a yearly basis. It also means that our communities can breathe easier and continue to enjoy California and all its beauty. We are excited to be involved in this technology and know that it will exceed our expectations.”

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